Latest round of ManorFest announcements.

Eternal Champion

Hailing all the way from Austin, Texas!

We are proud to announce the only UK appearance of 2022!We can’t wait for this band to lay siege to the ManorFest stage with their epic style of heavy metal!!With swords raised high we’ll see you there for one hell of an awesome Saturday

Check them out:

Cirith Ungo

Heavy Metal Titans Cirith Ungol, join the ManorFest line up for the Sunday. Taking influence from J.R.R Tolkien comes a band who have influenced so many!

After nearly 30 years since their last release ‘Paradise Lost’ they came back in 2020 to release the masterpiece that is ‘Forever Black’ From Ventura, California.

They bring their unique doom laden, bone crushing riffs to what promises to be one epic Sunday night at ManorFest

Need Metal –


If it’s blackened thrash you want then you’ve got it with Ohio’s very own Midnight Be prepared for a performance that would make the devil proud! S

peed metal and Blasphemy awaits ManorFest on Sunday 29th May and we can’t wait Need Speed Metal:

Night Demon

Fancy a taste of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal with a Californian swagger!? Well we do and who better to deliver it than the mighty Night Demon Bringing a performance of high metal energy to the ManorFest stage on Sunday 29th May Metal: