Edinburgh-based riff merchants IRON ALTAR have been touring across the UK and Ireland since 2016, honing their craft and unleashing their own brand of metal. With a 4 track E.P. and a full-length debut album under their belt, the band have a tried and tested formula of groove and technical sludge that culminates in a sound that’s as familiar as it is unique. For fans of Gojira, Mastodon, Lamb Of God High On Fire and Crowbar.

The band shot on to the local scene with a 4-track E.P. and merch to play the coveted Edinburgh BOB Fest back in 2016 and began to push further afield immediately. This start shaped the way the band approached writing, recording and touring. Professional and efficient. With a quick and seamless lineup change very early on, the momentum never waned, and all members locked into a sound which could be called their own. This resulted in the 2018 album release: PILLARS OF BLOOD. An album that’s very honest with its influences but showcases the “IRON ALTAR Sound”.


The album follow-up comes in the form of the 2020 single release “Cruor”, which shows the progression and increased intensity of the band. Stay tuned for the latest album release.