It’s about playing together with your mates, having fun and getting deafened.

Woven Man, the creation of former Acrimony and Lifer guitarist, Lee Roy Evans, current 25 Yard Screamer drummer, Donal Owen and former Karmasupasundown guitarist Mark Pitts, with the addition of Muddy on Bass, and Sion Mckinnon on vocals.

Formed in Ammanford where 4 fifths of the band are based, released the debut album “Revelry (in our arms)” in 2018 to much critical acclaim. Gigging to support the album, they put a lot of emphasis on their Welsh roots, and know how to entertain live with vocalist Sion spending as much time in the crowd as on the stage. Heavy, low, overdriven and aggressive, but melodic with guitar harmonies aplenty, and a good chorus. Going back into the studio in August to record the second installation



Sion Mckinnon – Vocals
Lee Roy Evans – Guitar
Mark Pitts –Guitar
Muddy – Bass
Donal Owen – Drums